Realtree Max-4 Foldable Kayak by Folbot


This new Folbot portable and foldable kayak, fitted with an outrigger and Realtree Max-4 camo, allows hunters to access areas typically impassable, or too difficult to reach by car, foot or ATV.

Based on the successful “Edisto” kayak model, the “Sporting Life” Folbot folable kayak is water-repellant and UV-/mildew-resistant and features the successful wetlands pattern, which offers maximum coverage in any open terrain. Best of all, Folbot’s portable, lightweight and maneuverable design disassembles down to a backpack duffle, making travel with gear and dogs to remote bogs and backwoods much less demanding.

Folbot president Eric Thome, said, “We are thrilled to add the ‘Sporting Life’ model with Realtree Max-4 camo to our portfolio of Folbot sporting kayaks.  Now hunters and anglers can maneuver backwoods with ease and without the hassle of carrying a heavy boat.”

Available for pre-order, the “Sporting Life” Folbot foldable kayak model starts under $2,450.00 and includes outrigger pontoons for super stability, a camouflage backpack duffle and mini deck, sit-on-top seat, floorboard deck, anchor and Realtree Max- 4 camo skin for extra coverage and protection.

Folbot’s “Sporting Life” kayak features:

  • Outfitted with Realtree Max-4 camo skin
  • Lightweight, durable and easily assembled in minutes
  • Kayak weighs less than 42lbs, or 50% less than hard shell kayaks
  • Comes in backpack duffle and fits perfectly in car trunk and can check in at airport as luggage
  • Elvaloy copolymer hull is twice as puncture-resistant as vinyl pr PVC. It takes over 700 Lbs. of force to puncture it with a screwdriver, and it will not tear
  • The only folding kayak with a lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Stable enough to support transportation of gear, hunting dog, decoys
  • Outrigger system supports shooting or fishing while standing
  • “Sporting Life” kayak is lighter, so less exertion is required to increase and maintain speed than a hard shell kayaks

* Folbot will offer replacement camouflage hulls for all current Folbot models upon request

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