Combine a tough, economic, totally reliable handgun with a handy strong and economic lock box and you get a secure and quick to use effective home security pack that most anyone can afford. As we all know many firearm accidents can be avoided by safe storage and Hi-Point leads the way in the handgun market by introduction of this safety/security Home Security Pack.

Hi-Point’s Home Security Pack affords buyers with a choice of calibers and a 111/2″ x 81/2″ x 11/2″ heavy-duty overlap pry-resistant 18-gauge powder coated steel box with ½” memory-fitting foam liner and matched numbered keys for additional security.

Hi-Point’s Home Security Pack comes with a forty-inch 1,500 pound test rubber covered steel cable that allows the box to be temporarily or permanently attached to a sturdier object if desired. The box also has holes for permanent attachment to a flat surface.

This is a highly-effective very affordable combination of reliability, power and safety that most homeowners can afford in today’s troubled times. This neat combo offers security whether at home, work, automobile, hotel or even shipped (unloaded of course) in an aircraft (meets TSA airline firearm transportation guidelines).

MSRP:  For the security box, firearm, one magazine, cable, keys and trigger lock:

  • .380ACP, 8-round magazine…….$174.00
  • 9mm, 8-round magazine…………$205.00
  • .40S&W, 10-round magazine……$215.00
  • .45 ACP, 9 -round magazine…….$215.00

Image courtesy Hi-Point

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One thought on “Hi-Point’s Releases New Affordable Combo Handgun Kit

  1. This is getting like Detroit in years past. Every year the same old model had a few bells and whistles added and it was put out as a new offering. Although they work the Hi-Point can cause some problems for the inexperienced. Still at the price it might be many need if they have any money leftover after enrolling In Obamacare.

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