South Dakota GFP Offers Draft Fisheries Plans for Review


The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department has prepared a draft management plan for their fisheries program and now has the draft available on the GFP website for review.

The draft management plan includes sections for the Black Hills, West River, Missouri River, and East River Fisheries Management Areas and a plan encompassing programs common to the entire state. More detailed plans will be constructed for individual waters or water types within each management area.

“These plans were drafted to capture where we are and where we want to take the GFP fisheries program, what issues and challenges must be overcome and strategies to do so,” John Lott, aquatics section chief, said. “We wanted to get something on paper for people to review. Public comment will help ensure that our goals and objectives reflect a shared vision for fisheries management in South Dakota. We hope that the public takes advantage of this opportunity to actively participate in the planning process.”

One-page summaries for each section of the plan are also available on the website for review.

The comment period extends through Dec. 31, 2013, after which comments will be used to revise plans prior to formal presentation to the Game, Fish and Parks Commission.

Plans, summaries and information on submitting comments may be viewed at

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