Brownells to Sponsor First Ladies Shoot-Off


Brownells has stepped up to sponsor the first Ladies Shoot-Off at JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championship. The top four ladies at the match will battle for $3750, courtesy of Brownells.

JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championship August 5-10, 2014 features 15 natural terrain stages shot over 5 days at the 33,000 acre, world famous NRA Whittington Center. Individuals will be shooting 3 stages a day in order to complete the competition. At almost 6000 feet, the battle for air is just one of the challenges competitors will face.

For the last 2 years, DPMS has been the generous cash sponsor of the JP RM3G Junior Shoot-Off and they have continued their tradition of support for 2014 with the return of the DPMS Junior Shoot-Off. On August 10, after the individual competition is over, we will hold the DPMS Junior Shoot-Off followed by the Brownells Ladies Shoot-Off in which the top 4 juniors and the top 4 ladies will battle for $7500 in cash provided by DPMS and Brownells. The winners of each shoot-off will receive $1500. August 10 will also include the Official Team Shoot-Offs and the awards and prize table.

The 2014 JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World 3-Gun Championship applications for US citizens are now available online at: and The International Shooter’s application has been up on these same websites and will continue to be accepted as International Shooters will be given priority.

Rocky Mountain 3-Gun is an individual competition, but for the World Shoot, we will include some team activities. There will be Official Teams which will be comprised of 4 shooters from the same country. We will score the best 3 of 4 for the official score. The top Official Teams will participate in the team shoot-off on August 10 before awards. Each country can enter 2 teams. Since there is no World Governing body for 3-Gun, these two teams will be first come, first served. All team members will also be scored and go to the prize table on their individual performances. Lancer Arms is providing the cash for the top Official Teams.

Other shooters, including US citizens of all kinds can form a “Special Team.” Special teams are also composed of 4 shooters. However, each member of a Special Team needs to shoot a different division from the 5 divisions offered: Open, Limited Scope, Limited Iron, He-Man Scope and He-Man Iron. We plan to offer a more flexible shoot-off for the Special Teams. There will be cash awards for the top Special Teams as well.

JP Enterprises continues to be the generous Match Sponsor for this event as they have since its inception in 2003. Their continuous generosity in keeping this match going from the end of the SOF matches has been amazing! It is truly JP RM3G!

Sponsors include: JP Enterprises, 3-Gun Stuff, All Star Tactical, Americase, Arredondo Accessories, Barnes Precision, Battle Arms Development, BattleComp Enterprises, Berger Bullets, Blacksheep Manufacturing, Bresser, Brownells, Burris, Bushmaster, C & M Targets, Colt Competition, CPWSA, Creedmore Sports, Deadwood Stoves, Decot, Dillon, DPMS, Dreadnaught Industries, DSG Arms, Ergo Grips, ESP, GT Targets, Gun Goddess, Hearing Protection Services, Hodgdon Powder, Hornady, Keltec, Lancer, LensPens, Leupold, Machine Gun Tours, Montana Gold, New Beginning Gun Works, Nightforce Optics, Nordic Components, Patriot Ordnance Factory, Redding Reloading, Remington, Rocky Mountain Targets, Schmidt-Bender, SEAL 1, Seekins Precision, Sierra Bullets, SpecOps, Strike Force Manufacturing, Thunderbeast Arms, Trey Yuen, UniqueTek, Viking Tactics, Vortex Optics, Warne Scope Mounts, XS Sights, Zev Technologies, and ZM Weapons.

Rocky Mountain is so fortunate to have so many sponsors supporting them so early in the event and want to thank them all.

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