Winchester Unveils New Whitetail Online Destination – Winchester World of Whitetail


Winchester Ammunition announces the launch of the Winchester World of Whitetail website – The website will serve as a resource for all whitetail hunters and enthusiasts to learn more about whitetail deer, hunting strategies, and shooting tips covering ballistics, ammunition and more.

The Winchester World of Whitetail website is completely free and very easy to use – without any complex registration requirements.  Guests will want to use this website year round as to not miss out on anything whitetail related.

Aside from being a great source for whitetail information, the site is very interactive and engaging. Guests can contribute to the site by posting their trophy pictures for bragging rights and by inputting their observations on what the deer are doing in their location to help generate a comprehensive rut report.

Guests can participate in weekly contests to win free Winchester gear, hunting equipment, and a custom framed print of your trophy photo. There will also be two grand prize drawings at the end of the season for a chance to win a Winchester safe, complete with a Winchester rifle and Winchester ammunition, or a custom pedestal taxidermy deer mount.

The site will be updated regularly with content ranging from pre-hunt planning to whitetail hunting strategies and shooting tips. It will continually offer new videos and articles throughout the year, even after the hunting season has ended. Winchester will utilize the expertise of well-known writers and industry representatives to generate accurate, informative and useful content.

The videos and articles will be separated into the following categories:

All About Deer
The articles in this section will teach you more about Whitetail deer and their habits, as well as tips on preparing for your next hunt.  Topics will cover a broad range of categories, like how to plant food plots and what to plant in the spring, tips on shed hunting and what the deer might be eating during a given season.

On The Hunt
This section of the website will give hunters an inside edge by filling them in on the hunting strategies that the experts use.  Some examples of articles are using decoys to hunt trophy bucks, utilizing the phases of the moon to your advantage and how to skin a trophy buck for a great looking shoulder mount.

Shooting Success
This is the destination for quick access to instructional shooting tips and information about Winchester’s trusted lines of dedicated whitetail ammunition such Power-Point, Ballistic Silvertip and Power Max Bonded, as well as other new products.  It will cover tips on ammunition selection, ballistics resources and other helpful information to make you a better shooter, and ultimately get your deer.

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