Action Target Announces New Steel Target: PT Tatanka


Action Target is pleased to announce the release of the new PT Tatanka. With a reactive swinging plate within the target face that swings from side to side, the PT Tatanka is a fun new twist on the classic cowboy action buffalo.

The reactive hit zone on the PT Tatanka is similar to the PT Hostage. When struck, it swings from one side of the target to the other giving visual confirmation of an accurate shot. Unlike the PT Hostage, the hit zone is located within the head making it possible to easily see near misses. This nested reactive target zone provides shooters an opportunity to enhance their target acquisition, accuracy, and speed skills.

Reality T.V. show Ammo & Attitude helped us get the ball rolling on the PT Tatanka when producer Stephanie Shipman requested a new target design for their 2013 season. With that request in mind and with the popularity of the Rimfire Buffalo target, we decided it was time to create a larger, rifle rated reactive cowboy action buffalo.

The PT Tatanka is made of through hardened AR550 armor steel for maximum safety and durability with both handguns and rifles. The shooting surfaces are completely flat and smooth with no exposed bolts, clamps, or brackets allowing for safe shooting without unpredictable ricochet or bullet splatter. The swinging plate is easily installed and removed from a bracket mounted on the back of the target making it easy to paint the reactive plate and target face different colors if desired. The bracket is made of AR500 armor steel to minimize wear and tear from the friction of the reactive plate’s swinging motion.

Ammo & Attitude kicked off its fourth season on November 2, 2013, with a team selection challenge featuring the PT Tatanka. Each competitor drew a number out of a hat and then fired a lever-action rifle at the corresponding target’s reactive swinging plate to reveal which team she would be on. It was an exciting debut for our new target. Make sure to catch the rest of the Ammo & Attitude season 4 on the Pursuit Network.

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