Hunters Rejoice for New LED Handheld Spotlight by Larson Electronics


Larson Electronics has revealed their new Magnalight 20 watt LED Handheld Spotlight to the delight of hunters everywhere. The newest addition to Larson’s hunting lights,  hunters are marveling how the sharp focused circle beam of light that they are used to from halogen lights is now magnified with new LED reflective power technology that provides unprecedented clarity and focus at unbelievable distances.

Ruggedly designed to withstand heavy duty use, The Magnalight HUL-LEDP2X10W Spotlight includes a 16 foot detachable coil cord and cigarette plug adapter to allow connection to any vehicle or equipped ATV. Lightweight, reliable, with low amp draw and a powerful light beam over 700 feet long – it is the spotlight a hunter will not want to be without. The beam is strong enough to allow hunters to see prey and game, read signs, trails, landmarks and other similar markings at the far end of its total range.

This spotlight was built for today’s hunters with durability and comfort in mind. The impact resistant housing, an ergonomically designed 5 inch tall polycarbonate handle that matches the contours of your hand, and a light head that can be adjusted vertically are just some of the unique features. The low profile lamp and reflector assembly is protected by a polycarbonate lens that is sealed against water and dust to provide an IP68 rating and weatherproof protection.

Even those who are not hunters can see the value in this new LED. The small profile, low power requirements, high durability these LED lights ideal for a wide array of applications including but not limited to: military, industrial manufacturing, machine visioning, security and law enforcement, boating, and off-roading and commercial structure illumination.

“Hunters will be amazed by the distance and clarity that this spot provides,” Rob Bresnahan, with said. “A LED hunting spotlight of this caliber is unprecedented, and we are excited by the initial response.”

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