Make a Splash this Holiday Season with Must-Have Gifts for the Avid Angler


This holiday season, it’s time to take your gift-giving prowess to the next level. Instead of buying a boring pair of slacks or a DVD box set of an old ‘80s sitcom, hook up the anglers in your life with gifts they’ll use time and time again — the latest gear from Rapala, the most trusted name in fishing.

With more than 75 years of innovation under their belt, Rapala and Respected Rapala brands offer the world’s favorite lures and strongest lines, accessories for both open and hardwater fishing, and apparel for any season. Whether your favorite fish head is a seasoned vet or an ambitious amateur, Rapala has the perfect gift for any outdoors enthusiast. Visit your local sporting goods store to find Rapala gear or check out to order directly. For special offers, tips and techniques, new product information and more, connect with Rapala on Facebook at

Rapala Scatter Rap Series

Sure to be on any angler’s holiday wish list, no tackle box is complete without the Rapala Scatter Rap Series. Designed with classic balsa body shapes, the Scatter Rap is equipped with a one-of-a-kind Scatter Lip to create the most evasive, erratic, aggressive sweeping action ever seen. Its movements perfectly mimic a spooked baitfish fleeing attack, enticing predator fish to strike. A versatile bait, the Scatter Rap can be cast or trolled for bass, walleye and a wide variety of coveted game fish. The lure comes in four proven Rapala silhouettes, including the Scatter Rap Crank, Scatter Rap Shad, Scatter Rap Minnow and Scatter Rap Countdown. Anglers can choose from 14-to-16 tempting color patterns for optimal presentation in any scenario.

Suggested retail price: $8.99

Storm ARASHI Series

An irresistible crankbait that promises to terrorize hawgs wherever they lurk, the new Storm ARASHI Series is a fantastic stocking stuffer for your bass-obsessed friends and family. Ready for the water in three fierce new models – the ARASHI Silent Square 3 and 5, ARASHI Rattling Flat 7 and ARASHI Rattling Deep10 – each lure is fully loaded with a quick-diving circuit-board-style lip, a free-moving, self-tuning line tie system that keeps the lure tracking accurately, and rotated hook hangers that help prevent snags and ensure that when monster fish bite, they make it to the net. ARASHI lures also wield tough-as-nails premium Black Nickel VMC treble hooks and are available in 12 alluring color patterns.

Suggested retail price: $8.99

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

This holiday season, turn your fishing buddy into the finest fillet artist in camp with the Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife. At double the speed and three times the power of run-of-the-mill knives, this dynamic fillet makes quick work out of cleaning tricky game fish. Complete with a comfortable, relaxed grip, 8-foot power chord, dishwasher-safe 7-1/2 inch blades, and a custom airflow body design, the Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife allows anglers to tackle fillet chores with unrivaled convenience.

Suggested retail price: $59.99

Rapala Collector Fillet Knives by Marttiini

Anglers who appreciate the finer things in life will be over joyed when they unwrap the new Rapala Collector Fillet Knives by Marttiini. Available in four expertly crafted models, including the Rosewood & Eagle Collector Fillet, Birch & Salmon Collector Fillet, Witch’s Tooth Collector Fillet or the Classic Collector Fillet, these beautiful knives are perfect for showing your loved ones how much you care. Each handcrafted fillet features a razor-sharp, made-to-last stainless steal blade, a unique, stylish finish and is precision-balanced to deliver a clean, accurate cut on any variety of coveted game fish. All of these elements combine to instill a powerful sense of strength when a lucky angler grips the handle to clean the day’s catch.

Suggested retail price:
• Marttiini Rosewood & Eagle Collector Fillet: $102.99
• Marttiini Birch & Salmon Collector Fillet: $119.99
• Marttiini Witch’s Tooth Collector Fillet: $110.99
• Marttiini Classic Collector Fillet: $66.99

Unstoppable Hardwater Gear from ICE FORCE

When the most legendary brands in ice-fishing united to create ICE FORCE, the angling world changed forever. Now, as shoppers rack their brains to think of show-stopping gifts, ICE FORCE introduces an army of new products that promise to change the game once again. From the light-as-a-feather, strong-as-an-ox StrikeMaster 10-inch Honda 35cc Lite ice auger to sonar products delivering the pinnacle in fish-finding technology like the compact, pinpoint accurate LX-6 Digital Sonar System from MarCum, to the state-of-the-art Pro XT1200 Full Thermal Shelter Series developed by Otter, makers of the toughest, smartest ice shelters on earth, ICE FORCE products are the only choice for hardwater anglers who demand the best and refuse to settle for less.

Suggested retail price:
• StrikeMaster 10-inch Honda 35cc Lite: $599.99
• MarCum LX-6 Digital Sonar System: $599.99
• Otter Pro XT1200 Full Thermal Shelters: $679.99-$1,099.99

Trigger X and VMC Ice Baits

For anyone who loves a day spent in the ice shack, you can’t go wrong with the gift of the latest, greatest hardwater baits This winter, Trigger X is set to heat up cold-weather fishing with the introduction of seven lifelike creature baits. Replicating the underwater critters trophy fish seek each day for a quick meal, these soft baits combine action, color and taste to deliver a sensory overload no fish can ignore. Ice heads will also love the flashy new hardwater spoons and rugged jigs from revolutionary hook manufacturer VMC. Choose from four of the brand’s ever-so-enticing ice spoons, or tie on one of five fresh new jigs and your loved ones will be pulling ‘eyes through the ice faster than you can drill the holes.

Suggested retail price:
• Trigger X Hardwater Creature Baits: $2.99
• VMC Hardwater Spoons: $3.69-$4.99
• VMC Hardwater Jigs: $1.99-$3.29

Rapala and ICE FORCE Apparel

A great fit for any season, ensure your pals look good when bragging about their latest on-the-water triumphs with Rapala® and ICE FORCE™ apparel. Available at, take your pick from hoodies, hats, T-shirts and other accessories perfect for the boat, ice shack or a night out on the town. With overnight shipping (if ordered before 1 p.m. CST), Rapala and ICE FORCE apparel is the answer to your last-minute shopping needs.

Visit for pricing.

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