This Week on Shooting USA – The Best of Impossible Shots and IDPA Indoor Nationals


Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – The Impossible Best
We review the most memorable shots of the past year. We’ve lined up the Impossible Shots Team, including both Smith & Wesson pros, Jerry Miculek and Julie Golob. Plus, Byron Ferguson, George Sutton, Sgt. Josh Richmond, and Todd Jarrett. All have Impossible Shots worth seeing again. Plus, an old shot from a lost legend. The Impossible Shots Crew votes our favorite Tom Knapp Impossible Shot.

Shooting USA – IDPA Indoor Nationals
It’s the championship match hosted in the Smith & Wesson ranges in Springfield, Massachusetts. For the top ranked competitors, the wins come with calls of “zero down” in very short times. But that’s not what it sounds like when Jim, John, and Mike try the challenging stages of this championship match. Plus, Jerry teaches firearms transitions that can speed your times in 3-Gun competition. More Info…

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Our Best For Your Thanksgiving:

All of us at Shooting USA wish you the best Thanksgiving ever with family and friends. We will be taking Thursday and Friday off for our own family gatherings. And, as a small company of 10 people, we have much to be thankful for, as we wind up our 20th year of being the top-rated show reporting the stories of the Shooting Sports and the safe enjoyment of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

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