Modern Spartan Systems LLC. has introduced yet another product to their industry leading line of firearm cleaners, lubricants and protectants. Spartan Crystal Clear is a multi-function, proprietary formula that safely removes smudges, spots and fingerprints from optic lenses without the use of harsh chemicals.  It then protects your optics from oxidation, static attraction and UV light with a nano-thin layer of micropolymers.

Spartan Crystal Clear has been successfully used and is excellent for cleaning a variety of items ranging from sunglasses, camera lenses and microscopes to many of the most important and critical optic systems such as; night vision goggles, aircraft cockpits and missile optic domes.  Because it is safe for use on all surfaces, many people use it to clean the exterior of their firearms and other hard surfaces.

With the following list of qualities, Spartan Crystal Clear makes the cleaning and protection of your optics, which is an essential but sometimes overlooked component for successful shooting, easy to do!

Spartan Crystal Clear Features and Benefits

  • Gentle on optics, but still a powerful and effective cleaner
  • Will not build up or discolor surfaces
  • Excellent Anti-fogging capabilities
  • No ammonia or petrochemicals
  • Environmentally friendly
  • HD refractory properties
  • UV sunlight resistant
  • Anti-oxidation & anti-static protection
  • Safe and effective at cleaning on all surfaces
  • American ingenuity & American made

Here is what one of our nation’s heroes had to say about Spartan Crystal Clear;

“In addition to your other products, your lens cleaner totally rocked my world.  Having been to Afghanistan in the winter I can tell you first hand that there’s nothing more unnerving than having to stop while on patrol to clean the fog off your lenses.  This product completely eliminated it even after I put my glasses in the freezer, so from a deploying member of the greatest fighting force on the planet, THANK YOU.” – Josh Bakers – Idaho

Image courtesy Modern Spartan Systems

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