Rick and Julie Use Innovative Trail Cameras For Success In The Field

Stealth Cam, introduced in the year 2000, quickly became the leader in scouting camera innovation. Taking this category to the next level, Stealth Cam enters 2014 by introducing new cameras and innovations to Beyond the Hunt with Rick and Julie, which airs on the Outdoor Channel. This Outdoor Reality hunting show is not just about the harvest that makes a hunt memorable! From unique profiles to their own personal adventures, join Rick & Julie Kreuter as they spotlight “the experience!”  And using Stealth Cam products will be just one of the ways to make them a success. “Trail cameras are one of the most important tools Julie and I rely on for continued success in the field. StealthCam is so simple to operate and out performs every camera in the field. For year round scouting and dependability, we choose StealthCam”, states Rick Kreuter host of Beyond The Hunt TV.

Doug Mann, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing states, “We are very excited to have Rick and Julie as part of our Stealth Cam pro staff.  Their expertise in the field and knowledge of scouting and hunting big game will be an asset to the development of new products in order to better aid our customers.”

Stealth Cam has made a complete comprehensive line overhaul, leading the world of game cameras into the next generation of feature-packed products. Starting with their latest cutting-edge technology in software upgrades and hardware componentry to a more sophisticated body housing, this new product line offers outdoorsmen the quality and reliability they are looking for in the field.

Logo courtesy Stealth Cam/ GSM Outdoor

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