This week on Gun Guy Radio Brandon Maddox of and Dakota Silencer is on with Jake to explain the process of obtaining a Federal Firearms License. Brandon is a pharmacist from South Dakota who originally just wanted to purchase a silencer for hunting coyotes and prairie dogs.  Since then he has successfully navigated the regulatory waters of the ATF and now owns Dakota Silencer, which is a “Class 3” dealer with operations in four states.

Brandon has also started, which provides advice and written tutorials on how to obtain a Federal Firearms License and a Class 3 license.  Brandon explains to Jake the many considerations that one must go through before applying for a FFL and the process for obtaining the license once the application is made. Some questions that will need to be asked may not be entirely obvious. For example, which license do you want?  The most common are “Type 1” allowing the holder to buy, sell, and repair firearms and “Type 7”, which is same but also allows assembly and manufacture of guns and ammunition. What will you do with the license since you cannot obtain an FFL solely for personal use.  What will be the name of your business and what is your business plan because many wholesalers will not sell to individuals.

Brandon can assist applicants with completing the application, looking at possible competitors, compliance with local laws, and who else will be on the license.  He will also help with what should be expected from the personal interview with the ATF.  The interview is to make sure applicants understand the laws and regulations associated with firearms possession and transfer and to confirm that applicants have the aptitude to comply with the law and record keeping mandates.  Brandon sums up the purpose of, “At the end of the day our goal is to make the process easier and shorter, then we all win.”

The product spotlight is back and this week Brownell’s Paul Levy drifts from the AR-15 parts and tools to the Modular Driven Technologies LSS Chassis for the Remington 700. This aluminum drop-in stock for short action rifles has an integrated bipod stud and it accepts AR-15 collapsible stocks and pistol grips. Because the chassis is aluminum, it is not necessary to bed the action and the barrel of your Remington 700 will be free floated. The LSS Chassis is intended for 16.5 inch barrels and is priced at $399.

Lastly, GGR is in the Christmas spirit with multiple giveaways over the next month.  To enter go to to sign up for the email newsletter which gets you registered for the monthly giveaway. Over the next three weeks GGR will be giving away $100 gift cards to Duluth Trading Co. and on December 22, 2013 the monthly Brownell’s giveaway will include a Midwest Industries Gen 2 Hand Guard and a  Brownell’s AR-15 critical tools kit.

If you can’t get enough of FRN’s podcasts, the Firearms Radio Network is still looking for Gun and Gear Review Podcast host and new co-host/producer for GGR.  To apply contact Jake Challand.

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