Zero Gravity, based in Camarillo, Calif., is a longtime manufacturer of replacement windshields for streetbikes and sportbikes. They’ve recently diversified their product line with the introduction of their new sportbike saddles, including the Latigo series, which is reviewed here.

Quite frankly, the Latigo is a very cool upgrade. It offers comfort above the stock seat, a stickiness that holds you in place better than the stocker, with a bit more style to boot and is easily installed.

The Latigo comes made to fit your particular bike, using the original saddle’s rubber stops and grommets, facilitated by spraying WD-40 (per Zero Gravity’s instruction manual) on the rubber pieces so they slide in with little effort. I sprayed the parts to remove them from the stock seat pan first and then stuck them on the Latigo seat pan. No fuss, no muss.

The Zero Gravity seat pan is custom molded to fit like the original. It is made of ABS plastic and is touted as being indestructible. It appears to be vacuum molded whereas the Suzuki pan on my GSX-R1000 is injection molded plastic, for comparison’s sake. Both function identically for mounting purposes.

As for the seat padding, it’s no contest. The Latigo is heads and shoulders above the stock seat in terms of comfort. Constructed of resilient-but-firm polyurethane foam, it is thicker than stock, but not by much. It is so comfortable that I am considering mounting Helibars and going sport touring. Yes, the rise in seat height does alter my riding position, putting more weight on my arms—another reason to consider the Helibars idea.

The upholstery is a Marine-grade vinyl that feels tacky and is intended to hold you in place whether it’s raining, dry, hot or cold. How cold? I didn’t test this, admittedly, but the reported fabric crack temperature is -60 F.

The saddle’s fabric, which is available with contrasting stitching, has a leather-like sheen, not that plastic-looking shine of lesser seats. It has some detail stitching on the front sides, and angled tuck-and-roll style of detail work. Slightly off in symmetry, it exudes a hand-made look and feel to the construction. It should, because it is made right here in America.

Image courtesy Zero Gravity

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