L.T. Wright and Dan Coppins have co-owned Blind Horse Knives since 2007. The two men met working in a stair shop, picked up knife making as a hobby, and turned it into a successful business. After years of knife shows and monthly specials they have decided to close Blind Horse Knives and begin their own, separate companies.

The company has been operating out of two shops in Ohio. One shop ran by L.T. Wright in Wintersville and one ran by Dan Coppins in Cambridge. After years of splitting the work load and ferrying materials and finished product back and forth they have decided to close Blind Horse Knives and each begin their own knife company.

This ends a long run of success for Blind Horse Knives. Blind Horse Knives had branched out to own BHK Outdoors, BHK Outdoor Radio, the Ohio Classic Knife Show, and co-own Self Reliance Illustrated. Blind Horse Knives has sold knives to all 50 states and many countries. They were featured on CNN.com for a story on taking a hobby to a job. Blind Horse Knives has attended knife shows around the country, including The Blade Show in Atlanta. They have a loyal following including over 19,000 Facebook fans. They have been featured in Blade Magazine, Tactical Knives, and other publications.

Both L.T. Wright and Dan Coppins plan to continue knife making and will be starting up their own individual knife companies.

L.T. Wright has begun L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives.

L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives:

Dan Coppins has begun Battle Horse Knives.
Battle Horse Knives:

Blind Horse Knives the company will be no more but the knives they produced will be around for years to come. Both men aim to create new knife companies with the same ideals of quality craftsmanship at affordable prices. Both companies will also honor the Blind Horse Knives Lifetime Warranty. Knife enthusiasts that like Blind Horse Knives should look to both new companies as they will both strive to make hard working knives for many years to come.

Logo courtesy Blind Horse Knives

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