The new-for-2014 Archer Xtreme Titanium Recon has taken arrow rest technology and quality to a level unheard of in the archery industry. Warrior built using the lightest, toughest materials the industry has to offer, including carbon and titanium, the AXT Titanium Recon takes performance well beyond the competition.

Innovation takes a creative mind and Archer Xtreme has plenty, but it also keeps a constant watch for quality products from other innovators. It was just such a case that led Archer Xtreme and Arizona Archery Equipment (AAE) to team up and bring the DOA technology to the AXT Titanium Recon arrow rest. The collaboration took a bulletproof design – built to handle the rigors of bowhunting’s toughest – and added the DOA technology to further enhance accuracy.

You could design the best-built, toughest arrow rest on the market but if felt like a chunk of lead, archers, particularly those who push themselves and their equipment to the extremes would simply walk past it on the shelf. The same would be true of a lightweight design that was cheap or flimsy. The AXT Titanium Recon satisfies both of these common concerns of hard-core bowhunters. The blend of titanium and carbon components provides a superior strength and durability that lesser arrow rests cannot match – in a design so light archers will marvel at its weight!

Archer Xtreme has taken the design of the Titanium Recon far past simply reducing its weight. Two main components set the Titanium Recon apart from the competition. First, AAE’s DOA trigger technology was incorporated into the Titanium Recon. The tight tolerances and proven technology increase accuracy where it matters most – down range. Primarily, the internal trigger system allows the archer to micro tune the rest to the arrow for longer arrow contact through the second paradox. This ensures target-like accuracy from any setup at any range.

The DOA system also allows the launcher to support the arrow longer, and fall faster than competing designs, but performance is further enhanced by AXT’s use of carbon and titanium materials. Combined, this results in a launcher that allows for up to a 30% increase in speed and arrow contact. The greater the contact, the better the accuracy. The faster the speed, the easier the rest is to tune and less chance of fletching contact ruining the shot.

Archer Xtreme did not overlook versatility in the design of the Titanium Recon for the archer. The Titanium Recon features AXT’s Adapter Plug System. The APS design allows a single arrow rest to fit virtually any bow on the market. Archer Xtreme does this by including plugs that provide a near custom fit for Hoyt, Mathews, Bowtech and most of today’s popular bows.

Images courtesy Archer Xtreme

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