Firearms Guide has just published AR RIFLES, a new digital guide for 2014 on over 1,300 AR rifles!

AR RIFLES digital guide presents over 1,300 semi-auto and full-auto AR rifles from 65 manufacturers worldwide. It also contains a schematics library with print able and zoom able exploded views and parts lists of many AR rifles, a great value for any gunsmith or gun enthusiast.

Over 1,300 military and civilian legal AR rifles in calibers from 22LR to 458 Socom are presented in AR RIFLES digital guide with technical specifications, features, prices and with up to 12 high resolution zoom able pictures per model.

This ultimate collection of AR rifles for modern tactical shooters and AR rifles enthusiasts is easily searchable with 10 different search criteria – by caliber, price, manufacturer, gun finish, barrel type, country, etc. Rifles, schematics, parts lists and information can be found in mere seconds. While researching rifles, with just one click the user can get information on bullet styles, bullet weights, features and ballistics of all the ammo in the caliber of that rifle.

AR RIFLES digital guide is simple to use, it starts automatically when inserted, with no installation required. It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 and it makes a perfect Christmas and Holiday gift.

AR RIFLES digital guide is available only on with price of just $15.99 and with delivery by Christmas Eve if ordered by Dec. 21st.

Image courtesy The Firearms Guide

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