The GUNS Magazine February cover story highlights the Taurus CT9 carbine and a semi-automatic Millennium G2 9mm pistol — and when paired together, they create the ideal match for the modern-day, two-gun man. GUNS contributing editor John Taffin examines the pair and gives them his endorsement for self-defense as well as target shooting.

“The CT9 G2 companion 9mm carbine has a multi-faceted personality,” explains Taffin. “It can serve as a highly effective close-range self-defense carbine, would certainly work for varmint eradication and small-game hunting at reasonable ranges and is especially effective in the grandest of shooting sports: plinking.”

This issue also features Dave Anderson’s investigation and review of the “All-Weather Performer” Sako Model 85 Finnlight in .243 Win.

“Here’s a rifle just over a meter long, weighing 6-3/4 pounds all up, that balances and handles beautifully, fits like a glove, operates with complete reliability and smooth precision, has a superb trigger, doesn’t change point of impact, resists extreme weather conditions and gives 1/2-MOA accuracy,” describes Anderson. “It isn’t so much why I want it, the question is why would I want anything else.”

Also featured in this issue is John Barsness’s exploration of the best hunting rifle safeties, Massad Ayoob’s guide to firing handguns from awkward positions and Mike “Duke” Venturino’s look at the evolution of the legendary World War II M1 Garands.

The Umarex “Baker’s Dozen” package makes up the February Gun of the Month giveaway, valued at over $1,400. This package includes 13 Umarex BB and pellet shooters, including the Beretta Elite II, the Browning Buck Mark URX, the Colt Defender, the HK USP and the Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle, to name a few. Readers can enter to win at

The GUNS all-digital edition offers a host of online extras, including a comprehensive online Product Index. This month’s online-only feature, “Rossi To The Rescue,” describes how the Brazilian gunmaker revived the Model 1892 — in .45 Colt . To view the Digital Edition and to sign up for a free digital subscription, visit

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