This week the always informative and sometimes controversial Rob Pincus joins Steve Remy who stands in admirably as the show host.  Rob started the Combat Focus Shooting school in 2003 after a career in law enforcement.  Through I.C.E. Training, Rob has served as an instructor for military, law enforcement and civilians.  He has worked to help develop the Personal Defense Network, which has produced over seventy-five instructional video for the private sector market. Rob is currently focusing his personal instruction on the development of new instructors and teachers. In describing his training philosophy Rob says, “This is where my passion is: teaching and learning. I’m constantly trying to experience new things and learn new stuff. Whether it’s formally attending a class or experiential training that’s what I’m passionate about. So I try to help others find that passion in themselves.”

The latest program to be refined by Pincus is advancing the effectiveness of reality based training through force-on-force drills, personal protective equipment, and other private training tools.  Rob describes the benefits and the requirements of these more time and cost intensive, but more beneficial, training programs.  Rob points out that the development of gear for realistic scenario training has made these training programs more effective, but it is imperative to understand that the use of the correct gear is not enough to make the program safe and useful.

The major evolution in scenario training is from training primarily marksmanship to application of that skill to a particular reality based storyline.  However, for the training objectives to be met, quality role players are imperative and Pincus’ training includes not just instruction on how to shoot, but also how to develop the role players within the training environment. Further, sometimes the reality based training involves scenarios where the best option is not to shoot, but to either talk or run.  In all avenues of training, Rob has reworked his reality based instructor training from the ground up to develop a new style and curriculum for this important component of the self defense industry. “If you’re just a gun collector and you’re telling people, including yourself, that you own guns for personal defense, but you’re not actually training, you’re lying to yourself…. Training, and task specific training, is part of your responsibility as a firearm owner.”

Brownell’s Paul Levy brings the Magpul Shotgun SGA Stock Set to the Product Spotlight this week.  This is available for the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500 and 590.  It comes with a great recoil pad and sling attachment as well as three different cheek pieces right out of the box.  Additional inserts allow for modification of the length of pull too.  For the forend (which is not compatible with the Mossberg 500), Magpul has made sure that all MOE accessories and mounts can be attached.  Enter the monthly Brownell’s Product Spotlight Giveaway by going to This month’s giveaway will be on December 22, 2013.

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