Jim and Trav will walk us through cold weather coyote hunting tactics with pro Geoff Nemnich, plus they’ll have Bobcat tips from outfitter Johnnie Dale, more on our ever growing wolf population, and the basics of pelt preparation and the ins and outs of buying and selling furs from fur buyer Jason Stutler!

Cold Weather Coyotes

Coyote hunting pro Geoff Nemich is back this week with an analysis of current behaviors and patterns.  He will also give his tips for hunting in the cold weather conditions many are experiencing across the country. In addition he’ll also be talking with Jim and Trav about a recent hunt he went on in Kansas where he bagged a bobcat. Check out his Coyote Craze Video Series and more here!

Preparing and Selling Furs

Knowing how to properly handle a pelt once you’ve harvested a furbearer is crucial, it can mean the difference in getting top dollar for your pelt or making it useless. Fur buyer, Jason Stutler of Windy Ridge Trapper joins Jim and Trav to offer his expertise in pelt preparation. He’ll also talk about the value of different pelts across the country and more!

Bobcat Hunting

For the hunter seeking a challenge, the late winter provides great opportunity to take on the elusive bobcat.  Johnnie Dale is the owner of  Buffalo Creek Guide Service where in addition to deer, bear, hog, turkey and more they are also offering bobcat hunts. Johnnie talks with Jim and Trav about successful strategy for harvesting America’s little leopard.

Great Read: Bill Miller

Reflections Under the Big Pine – Inspiring stories and faith building moments in the great outdoors,”   is a new book by authors K.J. Houtman and Bill Miller. Veteran outdoorsman and co-author Bill Miller joins Jim and Trav to preview the new book.  He talks about the stories, building relationships and bonds as well as how the outdoors provide a spiritual connection. Check it out!

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