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In September, ASF hosted an Atlantic salmon workshop called “What Works and What Doesn’t.” It brought together scientists from across North America to discuss restoration projects and to what degree they helped populations of Wild Atlantic salmon. ASF’s intent is a forward-thinking approach to restoration that uses the best techniques possible.

Now the powerpoints from the workshop are available on ASF’s website and for anyone interested in exploring the cutting edge science taking place in our salmon rivers, this is like a special Christmas present.

A few that might be of interest:

  • How different types of culverts impact salmon survival
  • What has been happening in the acid rain mitigation project at West River-Sheet Harbour in Nova Scotia
  • How to build rearing ponds as a more natural environment
  • Mid-winter egg-planting in Maine’s icy rivers
  • What is going on in the Restigouche Watershed
  • How did the Exploits become a massive salmon river

Plus there are many more topics to explore.

Logo courtesy Atlantic Salmon Federation

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