Are you sick and tired of losing your corn and money to thieving raccoons and varmints? The popular, top-of-the-line Varmint Proof Feeders from Diamond Feeder are the first 100% varmint proof feeders that provide a truly effective way to keep pesky raccoons and other varmints out of your feeders.

Diamond’s patented Varmint Guard shield is a heavy duty 16 gauge flat sheet of metal adjustably attached to the bottom of the hopper. A high-torque 12V motor, spinner, timer, and all the wires sit inside the hopper protected by the Varmint Guard shield. No way for varmints to get their thieving paws past the Varmint Guard shield. No more hassling with varmint cages or exposed wires that have been chewed on. The problem of thieving varmints is solved once and for all.

Diamond’s Varmint Proof Feeders save you time and money. Corn savings alone can reach up to 40%. Unlike some feeders claiming to be “varmint proof” that dump corn right beneath the feeder, the Varmint Guard throws corn 35-40 feet from the base of the feeder.

Like all Diamond Feeders, Diamond’s Varmint Proof Feeders are built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure a long-lasting and extremely high quality feeder that comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Available in 200 lbs, 300lbs, 600lbs, 1,000 lbs, and 2,000 lbs. Diamond’s Varmint Proof Feeders may also be equipped with the revolutionary “all-in-one” battery-free power and timer unit from Battery-Free Outdoors offering the best and most innovative feeder on the market today.

Diamond Feeders manufactures some of the highest quality, most innovative line of wildlife feeders on the market today. From its patented 100% varmint proof feeders to its top-of-the-line fish feeders to the revolutionary “all-in-one” battery-free power and timer unit from Battery-Free Outdoors, Diamond Feeders is known for being “A Cut Above the Rest.”

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