Talbott Parten was recently named Quail Forever’s (QF) new regional representative for Georgia and Florida. Parten will work raising and expending funds on wildlife habitat and conservation education, and also with local, state and federal natural resources agencies on behalf of Quail Forever.

Parten looks to grow Quail Forever’s presence in Georgia and Florida, two states which represent critical habitat restoration opportunities for bobwhite quail. A passionate hunter, he looks forward to working with Georgia and Florida Quail Forever chapters, and landowners in developing ideal habitat for upland wildlife.

“The need exists for quail habitat improvement, but thankfully, the want for quail habitat improvement exists as well,” said Parten. “Both Georgia and Florida have fallen from historic highs by a significant amount; however, on privately managed lands, many places are at an all-time high, so we know what needs to be done in order to bring them back. Now it’s time to put one foot in front of the other and make this goal a reality by implementing necessary conservation measures on the landscape.”

Parten joins “The Habitat Organization” following the start of four Quail Forever chapters in Georgia and two chapters in Florida. Unlike other national conservation organizations, Quail Forever and Pheasant Forever (PF) empower local chapters with the responsibility to determine how 100 percent of their locally raised conservation funds will be spent. This local control allows members to see the fruits of their chapter efforts in their own communities while belonging to a national organization with a voice on federal conservation policy in Washington, D.C.

A Georgia native, Parten grew up hunting small game and deer with his family. Parten noted he joined Quail Forever, because he wants to “increase the involvement in quail hunting and make the sport more inclusive by increasing quality public lands and public access.”

“I am excited about the new organizational growth in Georgia and Florida,” said Parten, “In their own way, each chapter has already embraced Quail Forever’s programs and goals to deliver the organization’s habitat mission locally, and I look forward to working hand-in-hand with them to ensure we continue the outdoor traditions.”

“The bobwhite quail has been, and with the help of our partners, chapters and landowners, will continue to be an integral part of the Southeast’s history and culture,” noted Parten.

The John Milledge Academy and Middle Georgia Quail Forever chapters were formed on a new chapter platform. Through a unique partnership with MidwayUSA, these chapters are based around independent schools that have preexisting scholastic shooting teams. The teams will lead the chapters and will be able to utilize Quail Forever’s proven fundraising model to continue the shooting sports at their school and foster conservation-oriented youth.

Recent chapters started:

Northeast Georgia Quail Forever, located in Athens, Georgia, elected Rex Johnson as president, David Jennings as secretary, and Wink McWhorter as treasurer. For more information, please contact Rex Johnson.

Flint River Quail Forever, located in Crisp County, Georgia, elected Benny Daniels as president, Kory Hobbs as treasurer, Melvin Hudson as youth/education chair, and John Noble as habitat chair. For more information, please contact Benny Daniels.

John Milledge Academy Quail Forever, located in Milledgeville, Georgia, elected Jeff Jackson as president and Tanya Goette as treasurer. For more information, please contact Jeff Jackson.

Middle Georgia Quail Forever, located in Sparta, Georgia, elected AJ butts as president, Brandon Coleman as banquet chair, Glenn Johnson as treasurer, Jimmy Johnson as habitat chair, and Vic Lester as youth/education chair. For more information, please contact AJ Butts.

Florida Sportsmen Quail Forever, located in Bushnell, Florida, elected Gary Marriage as president, Albert Sierra as vice president and Patricia Preyer as treasurer. For more information, please contact Gary Marriage.

West Central Florida Quail Forever, located in Hillsborough County, Florida, elected Josh Kuder as president, Brent Bassler as treasurer, and Randy Byrd as banquet chair. For more information, please contact Josh Kuder.

Image courtesy Quail Forever

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