The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI), producers of the most authoritative Gunsmithing DVD courses, has released the Ultimate GLOCK Video with Making GLOCKs ROCK!, hosted by noted GLOCK Authority T.R. Graham. Making GLOCKs ROCK! takes the viewer into the gun piece by piece, demonstrating tips and tricks that years of experience have shown work. In this course, the viewer will see how to perform all types of trigger modifications by switching parts, using aftermarket parts and even by modifying the factory originals.

In this DVD, Graham reviews all available GLOCK® sights, detailing the differences between competition and combat styles. Dozens of sighting options are explained and honestly evaluated, along with the installation of several sights, including laser and night sights. Graham also discusses how to install extended mag releases, slide stops and how to make them work even more effectively. All aftermarket recoil springs and guide rod combinations are discussed, including why and when to use them.

The DVD also covers all available trigger parts, as well as how to combine them for different shooters and applications, along with a buildup of both a combat and target trigger. After reviewing a myriad of different magazine and grip accessories, Graham shows the viewer how to combine them to tailor the pistol to the individual and then covers aftermarket barrels and barrel fitting with great detail.

Finally, Graham covers step-by-step how to get the most accuracy out of a GLOCK pistol, as well as displaying several caliber conversions, including a .22 caliber conversion and how to make a GLOCK into a rifle using the kit from Mesh Tech.

The AGI Making Glocks ROCK! DVD is available at for only $49.95 (Product ID#326DVD).

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Image courtesy American Gunsmithing Institute

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