221 Remington Fireball

Introduced by Remington in 1963 in the new XP-100 bolt action pistol, this groundbreaking cartridge set new standards for handgun performance. The Fireball has recently seen a dramatic surge in popularity, due in large part to the efforts of wildcatters working with this versatile case. The 17 Fireball was one of the early offspring, but the diminutive case would eventually be necked down even further, and upwards to the 30 caliber. With such popular numbers as the 20 VarTarg and the 300 AAC Blackout, the 221 Fireball case is more popular today than ever. So it is with satisfaction that we bring traditional Lapua quality to this proven cartridge. Whether used in its original form, or necked into one of the many cases that it serves as a parent for, the Lapua 221 Fireball is a sure winner.

50 BMG Match

Conceived as an anti-material round in 1918, the big 50 BMG has served that role as the preeminent heavy machinegun round for 95 years since. The range and power of this incredible round has kept it in service continually throughout the years. In recent times, the rounds versatility has been enhanced, as it expands into a precision long range role. Though most known for its service in heavy machineguns, it has the potential for very good accuracy, hindered mostly by the lack of true, match-grade components. Lapua has stepped in to address this problem with the introduction of our 50 BMG precision made Match cases. When accuracy is the ultimate goal, the new Lapua 50 BMG Match case is the solution!

7mm Scenar-Ls

150 Grain 9,7 g Scenar-L
Lapua is pleased to introduce our two newest additions to the Scenar family of match bullets, and our return to the 7mm bore size. Our 150 grain Scenar-L is well suited to short to intermediate range target shooting in a wide variety of disciplines, from Silhouette to Across the Course High Power competition. We look forward to this new addition to take its place in the winner’s circle very shortly!

180 Grain 11,7 g Scenar-L
The bigger brother to the 150 grain Scenar-L, the 180 Scenar is our long range performer for the most demanding competitions. If Prone shooting, F-Class, or Long Range Benchrest competitions are on the agenda, the new 180 Grain Scenar-L will deliver superb accuracy and balli
stic performance. Suitable for use in a broad range of cartridges, such as the 7mm Remington Magnum, the 7mm WSM and SAUM, this addition rounds out Lapua’s line for an incredibly wide array of competitive disciplines.

.308 Win 170 Grain 11 g FMJBT SEMI-AUTO
Lapua’s newest special purpose cartridge has been developed specifically for use in short barreled semi-auto rifles. Designed for optimum ballistic performance in the shorter (12″-20″) barrel lengths, we’ve tailored the powder type and charge weights to reduce muzzle blast and flash signature while still delivering outstanding accuracy and velocity. From a standard 16″ barrel, muzzle velocity should be 750 m/s, and routinely capable of achieving groups under 1 MOA at 300 m (<87mm / 300 m) with quality rifles. Our new short barrel special purpose ammunition assures flawless operation with DMR-type semi-auto rifles.

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