Just in time for the holidays, Larson Electronics shares the gift of giving with Golight. Sure to make the perfect gift for friends and loved ones, you will not want to be without one of these under the tree this year.

The GL-7951-F-M Golight Radioray from Magnalight is a 65 Watt motorized spot and flood light combo that operates with a hand held wireless remote control. This particular model is available in black and has a removable permanent/magnetic mount shoe base. It produces a wide spot beam with an effective working beam of 700 feet and has a 5 million candlepower rating.

Designed for use in all weather conditions, the Golight produces 1,300 lumen of intense light output. These units feature remote control operation that allows users to rotate the light 370 degrees with a hard stop and to adjust vertical tilt through 135 degrees. On this particular model, the light has a 16 foot cord that ends in a cigarette plug.

The remote includes an internal 12 volt battery rated at 1 year of operation and a single red LED to indicate remote control activity. The remote controller has a range of up to 100 feet and will operate through walls, within structures, and in vehicles and can be user programmed to operate one or several lights simultaneously. This mode is a spotlight and floodlight with a simple snap on lens, so it is equipped to provide a long beam for spotting and serve as a work area light.

“This light is designed for hunting and demanding outdoor use with a weather resistant housing that is heat resistant, impact resistant, UV resistant and able to withstand rugged use and abuse,” Rob Bresnahan, with Larsonelectronics.com said. “The Golight Radioray series is in a league of their own. I can’t imagine a better gift to give this holiday season.”

Image courtesy Larson Electronics

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