For Episode 98 of Gun Guy Radio Brandon Maddox of and Dakota Silencer returns; this time to explain the process for obtaining a suppressor and some of the features of the various types. Brandon is a pharmacist from South Dakota who originally just wanted to purchase a silencer for hunting coyotes and prairie dogs.  Since then he has created the  successful business Dakota Silencer, which is a “Class 3” dealer with operations in four states. Brandon has also started, which provides advice and written tutorials on how to obtain a Federal Firearms License and a Class 3 license.

Brandon walks Jake through each step in the process of purchasing your own silencer, which is easier, but takes longer, than most would expect.  In the past, the process has been as quick as three weeks, but currently it is taking over nine months for the ATF to approve the Form 4, which is necessary for the purchase of a suppressor.  ATF approval is required because silencers are regulated by the National Firearms Act. Brandon explains to Jake some of the things to look for when trying to make the process as easy as it can be, starting with your relationship with your local Class 3 dealer.

As the process for purchasing a silencer becomes more well-known, gun manufacturers are accommodating the popularity by threading the barrel in the factory.  Silencers are popular with both hunters and target shooters because they can reduce the muzzle blast to less than 140 decibels, which reduces or even eliminates the need for hearing protection.  Silencers can also increase accuracy because of the weight on the end of the barrel.

Silencers are available for all calibers because the silencing effect can be increased by lengthening the tube and increasing the number of baffles inside the silencer.  The baffles work to suppress the noise of the shot by cooling the gases escaping from the muzzle of the gun. However, there are a variety of factors that work to make the silencer more effective such as the metal used to manufacture the silencer, the type of baffle, and the length of the silencer.  However, some silencers have compatibility across calibers.  Brandon notes that a .308 silencer is often used for any smaller centerfire rifle caliber.

Brownell’s Paul Levy brings back the AR-15 accessories to the Product Spotlight for Episode 98 with the Brownell’s AR-15 Critical Tools Kit.  “These are kind of the fundamental tools you need if you’re going to get into building an AR-15.”  The Critical Tool Kit retails for $109 from Brownell’s and comes with all the tools you will need to build an AR-15 from scratch including an Upper Receiver Block and Insert, a Lower Receiver Block, a Smith Enterprises barrel nut wrench, a Pivot Pin Detent depressor and installation tool, and a Bolt Catch Pin punch.

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