3-Gun competition has quickly become one of the most exciting and rapidly growing fields of shooting sports.  With a dual emphasis on shooting speed and accuracy, Winchester recognized the need to create their own custom loads in order meet the demands of the sport. For 2014, Winchester Ammunition has created the all-new Win3Gun line to provide competition-grade ammunition that comes ready for action.

All pistol cartridges (9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP) in the Win3Gun line use lead-free primers and heel-encapsulated bullets. This makes the pistol offerings incredibly clean firing, which in turn keeps the compensator ports of popular competition pistols clean and free of vaporized lead.

The Win3Gun line also includes a centerfire rifle round in 5.56mm with a 55-grain bullet and two 12-gauge shotgun loads with 7 ½ shot and 00 buckshot. All offerings are ideal for 3-Gun competition.

“3-Gun competition presents a very unique set of challenges and our engineers have stepped up to give competitors a new brand of Winchester ammunition on which they can stake their reputations,” said Brett Flaugher, vice president of sales, marketing and strategy for Winchester Ammunition. “Win3Gun meets the power factor requirements of most competitive shooting leagues and is designed for great functionality, speed, cleanliness and winning.”

Specifications for the new Win3Gun line include:


X9TG9mm147 gr.
X40TG40 S&W180 gr.
X45TG45 ACP230 gr.

Centerfire Rifle

X556TG5.56mm55 gr.

Shot Shell

XLT127TG12 Gauge7 ½ shot
XB1200TG12 Gauge00

Image courtesy Winchester

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