A new Arizona hunting and fishing license structure will take effect on January 1, 2014, and the new 2014 licenses are now available for purchase online at: http://goo.gl/OZ4Gvq.

This is a great opportunity to avoid the holiday shopping mall crowds and go online to buy gift licenses for yourself, family or friends, or to buy the new $5 Youth licenses as stocking stuffers for the kids.

Hunters and anglers will find a lot to like about the new license structure:

  • Simpler. The old structure, with more than 40 license and stamp options, has been simplified to just six license options and a single State Migratory Bird Stamp that includes waterfowl. View the new structure.
  • Bundled privileges for more value. The new General Fishing and Combination Hunt/Fish licenses now include privileges for trout, two-pole fishing, fishing at Community (Urban) Program waters, and fishing on Arizona’s shared Colorado River waters with California and Nevada. No need to buy separate stamps/licenses for those privileges.
  • Valid 365 days. The new licenses are valid for one year, not just for the calendar year.
  • Youth Combination Hunt and Fish license for only $5. The Youth Combination Hunt and Fish license costs only $5 (as opposed to the old license costing $26.50) and will be required for youth ages 10-17.
  • Make it a Combo! If you’re an Arizona resident who typically buys a license for only one sport (either just hunting or just fishing), consider upgrading to a Combination Hunt/Fish license. It’s a great value and only costs $20 more! Nonresidents will also find the nonresident Combination Hunt/Fish license to be a better value than before.

If you buy your license online, please note that the system will give you the option to select your own start date (i.e., the date your license will become valid) up to 60 days beyond the date you purchase it, and it will be valid for one year from that date. If you are planning to apply for the 2014 elk/pronghorn draw, make sure you choose a date that ensures your hunting or combo license is valid as of the draw deadline day (Feb. 11, 2014), as you must have a valid license to put in for the draw.

If you are buying your license online, you must have a working printer and print out your license per the instructions. The department will not mail your license to you.

Buy your new license online today and enjoy hunting and fishing in the coming year! The new 2014 licenses are not yet available at license dealers. Updated information will be posted on the department’s website.

More information about the new license structure and fees can be found at www.azgfd.gov/licensesimplification

Logo courtesy Arizona Game and Fish Department

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