Jim and Trav are giving the gift of self defense on this week’s show. Tune in for more on  compact handguns, layers of protection, printing 3D guns, the ability of universities to regulate firearms, educators carrying firearms, the rejection of a Super Bowl ad from Daniel Defense and so much more!

Ruger Firearms

Choosing a firearm that will become part of your main line of defense in your home or on your person is a very unique quest. Ruger Firearms has an extensive line of long guns to light weight compact handguns that provide personal protection. Ken Jorgensen with Ruger joins Jim and Trav to talk about Ruger’s firearms, their amenities and what options will be right for you.

Carry on Campus

Support for tougher gun laws is at its lowest point in decades. Recently, a Florida appeals court ruled that public colleges, and universities, lack the legal right to regulate gun possession on campus. In addition, an Oregon school board is lifting an open carry ban for educators following suit in a national trend. Lee Williams, “The Gun Writer,” analyzes these recent rulings.

Self Defense 101

Richard Mann is a gunwriter with a past in the military and law enforcement. He is also an author of “Handgun Training for Personal Protection.” This week he talks with Jim and Trav about how to choose the right firearm for you, the importance of plenty of hands on training and practice and what accessories you need. Tune in for more this week!

Printing 3D Guns

What is  a 3D gun? What is all the hype about?  This week Jim, Trav and Bunny dive into the topic of 3D guns to discuss how they are made, if they are as reliable as a firearm from a trusted manufacturer, if the technology to print these firearms will really catch on and, finally, what if any regulations need to be placed on 3D printed guns!

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