Modern Spartan Systems LLC., manufacturer of today’s most technologically advanced firearms cleaners and lubricants have added Spartan – Dragon-Hyde Ultimate Cleaning Mats to their bold new line of products.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your firearms can be a messy undertaking and no one wants to face their spouse after ruining a desk top or the new kitchen table!  With the new Spartan – Dragon-Hyde Ultimate Cleaning Mats, that is no longer a concern!  These mats are not actually made from the hide of a dragon; they are made from a special industrial grade, reinforced PVC membrane which gives you just about the same protection!  Another ingenious part of these mats is the attached magnetic strip on the front which grabs and holds small screws and other metal parts in place while cleaning.  This saves time and eliminates the frustration of looking for lost parts.  There is also a magnetic strip on the back which locks onto the front magnet to keep the mat rolled tightly for easy storage.

The Spartan – Dragon-Hyde Ultimate Cleaning Mats make and ideal gift for anyone you know that loves hunting, shooting, fixing things or simply tinkering. They come in two sizes; one for pistols and one for rifles.  Both have been designed with enough surface space to comfortably disassemble your firearms while staying organized, these mats are designed to withstand even the harshest gun and bore cleaning solvents.  No matter what, liquids stay on top of the mat, nothing soaks in or through, and what gets onto the matt can be easily wiped up with paper towels or rags.  To keep it looking good, all you need to do is after each use is to clean with soapy water (or Crystal Clear), rinse and dry.


  • Great long-term investment and component for firearm maintenance
  • Durable enough to last for many years
  • Tear and puncture resistant reinforced industrial grade PVC membrane (Dragon-Hyde)
  • Perfectly designed to work with MSS formulas, yet chemical resistant for even the harshest solvents
  • Liquids stay on top and are easily wiped up (a towel or rag and some Crystal Clear™ work great)
  • The soft surface will protect the firearms and work area surface from being scratched while cleaning or making repairs
  • Front magnetic strip holds screws and small metal parts in place
  • Easy storage – back magnetic strip attaches to the front magnetic strip to hold the mat together in a rolled up position
  • Back magnetic strip  also holds the mat safely onto the tailgate of a truck for “those” situations
  • Multi Use – besides using it with firearms, use it for fishing reels, on a countertop, model building or anything else that needs cleaning…
  • LOOKS GREAT – guaranteed to attract attention, which is the perfect opportunity for you to share the Modern Spartan Systems story with others
  • American made

Image courtesy Modern Spartan Systems

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