Flextone Game Calls, the industry leader in natural game sounds proudly reveals their block-buster new game call line at the 2014 Archery Trade Association Show.

Since 1997, Flextone Game Calls has been evolving game call technology to create the most realistic and life-like sounds imaginable. With a robust new-for-2014 call line and a full family of industry favorites, Flextone Game Calls continues to push the envelope of game call technology. As the industry leader in natural wild game sounds, this year’s offerings are no exception! In conjunction with many of the outdoor industry’s best-know hunters and personalities Flextone has developed an expanded line of easy-to-use and effective Flextone patented flexible-body deer, elk, turkey, and waterfowl calls that outdoorsmen of all experience levels can benefit from.

2014 turkey product highlights incorporate a new addition to the ever-popular and simple-to-use Thunder Series hybrid diaphragm calls, an expanded Bone Collector line of diaphragm turkey calls, a Si Robertson turkey call series and Lightning Series turkey locator calls. Waterfowl beware as the Supernatural series welcomes new single and double reed family members and now includes a highly demanded option for geese. Boost your odds on elk with new Flextone glunk and bugle calls sure to grab the ears of an aggressive herd bull. And when it comes to whitetails, Flextone Game Calls are the choice of experts. From the Bone Collectors to the Buck Commanders and everyone in between, many of today’s top pros hit the woods with Flextone deer calls in their packs-all designed to trick the ears of America’s most pursued big game animal-the white-tailed deer. No matter what your wild game pursuit, Flextone offers a full line of calls to help increase your odds of success in the field.

Visit ATA Booth #721 or SHOT Booth #15727 to hear the full line of 2014 Flextone Game Calls.

2014 Flextone Product Highlights:

  • Ground Grunt’r Deer Call
  • Buck Commander Extreme Deer Call
  • Thunder Yelper Hybrid Diaphragm Turkey Call
  • Si Robertson Series Turkey Calls
  • Lightning Series Turkey Locator Calls
  • Bone Collector Diaphragm Turkey Calls
  • Magnum Mule Deer Call
  • Blacktail All-in-One Deer Call
  • Bone Buster Combo Pack
  • Hail Mary Mallard Calls
  • Supernatural Canada Goose
  • Bull Rush Glunker Elk Call
  • Bull Dozer Elk Bugle

Image courtesy Flextone Game Calls

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