The need for affordable and realistic force-on-force training for law enforcement is explored in the February issue of American COP, and modern airsoft offerings fit the bill for keeping officers in peak training condition. Ernest Emerson examines the advantages behind using modern airsoft products to improve scenario training.

“Force-on-force, reality-based training, scenario training, call it what you like, is the only way to gain ‘combat experience,’ short of going into actual battle against the enemy,” explains Emerson. “Not restrained by restrictions, qualifications, certifications and excessive cost, airsoft training — at a fraction of the cost of other simulated firearms training — can be implemented by departments with the most meager of budgets.”

In “What Keeps It Running?” Glen Zediker provides critical maintenance tips to keep duty AR-15’s in prime condition.

“Lubricant, grease or oil, serves more functions than to simply make metal more slippery,” explains Zediker. “I’m especially concerned with the longevity and certainly function of a trigger assembly. An aftermarket 2-stage assembly really needs and deserves what some may think is overly adequate lubrication.”

Other topics explored in the February issue include Dave Douglas’ review on a cross-section of night vision equipment, tips on how to use animal control officers in the field, and an investigation of the nervous system and whether or not it can function under stress.

February’s special giveaway package features an American COP first: One lucky reader will win the cover gun, the Mid-16 MOD 2 Carbine from Bravo Company. The giveaway bundle includes a Mossie Midnight Mount MT2400FSB, an Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) a BattleComp1.0 Black Oxide compensator and an X300 Ultra Weapon Light from SureFire. The package is valued at over $2,375. Readers can enter for a free chance to win this giveaway by visiting

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