Advanced Technology International (ATI), a leading manufacturer of U.S. made firearm accessories, has announced Scorpion Pistol Grips for select Taurus revolvers.

ATI’s new Scorpion Pistol Grips are the Wisconsin company’s first foray into the handgun market and feature the company’s patented Scorpion recoil reduction material. The new line of revolver grips will be available for the Taurus .Model 85 and Judge models in early 2014.

The Scorpion Pistol Grips feature specific contoured geometry for repeatable hand placement, which places the shooters’ hand in optimal position for quick and correct sight alignment. The grips also elevate the index finger for ideal trigger placement as well.

Jon Shaffer, Director of Business Development at ATI, said of the new Scorpion Pistol Grips; “Our engineering team focused on balance for all shooters when designing these grips. We think we’ve achieved something that will reduce recoil and muzzle lift for virtually every shooter on the market.”

The rear tang on ATI’s grip has a 1911 inspiration and was designed to assist in pushing the firearm’s recoil rearward as opposed to upwards with the muzzle – thus giving the shooter more control.

Shaffer later commented that the .Model 85 gave the team unique challenges as a smaller revolver: “Our team engineered a grip that would fit the shooter’s entire hand and increase stability, without adding any overall length or hindering concealment.”

The Scorpion Pistol Grips will be backed by ATI’s limited lifetime warranty and can be purchased on the company’s website and will be shipping to select stores this year.

Image courtesy Advanced Technology International

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