The Department of Natural Resources (DNR), in collaboration with the Department of Technology, Management and Budget, recently completed development and testing on a Web application designed to allow bass tournament directors to schedule events at DNR access sites, and to report their catch results online.

The Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System (MFTIS) is now available to tournament directors for use in scheduling their 2014 tournaments. This application gives tournament directors the ability to view other bass tournaments scheduled on a selected waterbody, so they can plan appropriately.

In addition to alleviating scheduling concerns, this application will help directors voluntarily share their tournament catch data with the DNR’s Fisheries Division, which can be valuable information in managing the state’s fisheries.

Tournament directors will have to set up a Michigan Single-Sign-On account so they can log in and voluntarily schedule their events at DNR-administered public access sites and to record their catch data. Members of the public can use the MFTIS application to check tournament schedules on a given lake or access site, without creating a log-in. However, the public will not be able to view catch results.

Tournament catch results will be downloaded monthly by Fisheries Division staff. The level of participation and quality of tournament catch records provided by directors will directly determine the use of the data for fisheries assessment and management purposes.

The Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System is available at


Logo courtesy Michigan Department of Natural Resources

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