Larson Electronics is ecstatic to know that it’s rechargeable LED spotlight is being used for a good cause at an Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary in Malaysia. The Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary is a rare and fantastic opportunity to get up and close to endemic Malaysian elephants. The elephants at the sanctuary have been rescued from all over Peninsula Malaysia, providing them a safe sanctuary in the wild. The elephants at the sanctuary are not captured elephants, they are elephants that have been abandoned and at risk of harm in nature, therefore adopted by the sanctuary.

The RL-85-10W1 from Larson Electronics assists the keepers in the jungle with their wild elephant rescue operation. This LED pistol grip spotlight is an extremely rugged and effective spotlight designed to give users a powerful, durable and easy to use source of reliable light. This spotlight produces 800 lumens of light and produces a light beam approximately 800 feet long by 175 feet wide.

This light weight, 10 watt LED spotlight can withstand abuse under tactical conditions and operates for five hours on a single charge of its integrated lithium ion battery pack. This light contains a single 10 watt LED rated at 120,000 hours of operational life which is paired with a patent pending reflector design to produce a light beam that reaches 800 feet in length. This pistol grip spotlight is designed for durability with a handle constructed of high impact nylon and an LED fully potted within a lamp assembly constructed of machined aluminum.

Power for this spotlight is provided by an integral lithium ion battery pack for the highest reliability and durability possible. This unit charges in 2.5 hours and provides 5 hours of runtime when fully charged. The lithium ion batteries used in this unit do not require special charging practices to preserve their effectiveness or longevity and can be recharged when only halfway depleted or only charged to a fraction of their full capacity and will not suffer from degradation or battery memory issues.

“I believe what the Elephant Sanctuary is doing is great and I am proud to donate to their rescuing efforts,” Rob Bresnahan with said. “This spotlight provides a light weight, reliable and durable solution for the Sanctuary.”

Image courtesy Larson Electronics

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