Now Available in the Meopta MeoStar 4-16×44 and 3-12×56 Riflescopes and the MeoPro 6-18×50

Meopta USA and McWhorter Custom Rifles have partnered to design and introduce three new high-performance ballistic compensation reticles – two Medium Velocity reticles (the MV and MVII) and a High Velocity (HV) reticle. All three reticles feature easy-to-read, numbered holdover lines out to 800 yards and windage marks to compensate for crosswinds.

The McWhorter Medium Velocity (MV) reticle is available in the MeoStar 3-12×56 riflescope and located in the first focal plane ensuring holdover accuracy on any power setting. The McWhorter MV is ideal for .508 @ 3000 fps or other cartridges with BCs from .500 @ 3000 fps to .617 @ 2850 fps but will also work with calibers with higher muzzle velocities and lower BCs or higher BCs and lower muzzle velocities. Users should consult the Meopta Ballistics Calculator to find exact matches. See:

The McWhorter Medium Velocity II reticle (MVII) is available in the MeoPro 6-18×50 and is located in the second focal plane so customers should access the Meopta ballistic calculator to find the correct power setting for their specific load. The MVII is designed specifically for rounds with a .631 BC and a muzzle velocity of 3050 fps and is also compatible with rounds such as the .300 Ultra Mag, 210 gr. Berger or 7mm Weatherby Magnum 168 gr. Berger VLD.

The McWhorter HV reticle, available in the Meopta MeoStar 4-16×44 riflescope, is ideal for .600 – .659 ballistic coefficients (BCs) with velocities @ 3300- 3200 fps, but will work with many more calibers and bullets with higher muzzle velocities and lower BCs (e.g. 300 RUM 185 gr bullet at 3325 fps BC .549) or higher BCs and slightly lower velocities. The HV reticle is also located in the second focal plane so customers may determine the correct power setting for their specific load with Meopta’s convenient ballistic calculator.

“Many of our loyal customers have been asking for a ballistic reticle option, and we are excited to offer these easy-to-use, high-performance McWhorter reticles,” said Reinhard Seipp, general manager and chief operating officer of Meopta USA. “The McWhorter Custom Rifles team has years of experience, not only hunting but also in designing and building precision rifles, and our Meopta team has been making world-class optics for 80 years. Together, we are offering a formidable long-range solution. We understand that accuracy means confidence for hunters and competition shooters alike, and these super-bright Meopta riflescopes with McWhorter reticles are designed to deliver in the most challenging conditions.”

The center of the duplex in the McWhorter reticles is narrow with heavy tapering toward the sides. This helps the eye focus very quickly on the center of the reticle and, thus, the target. Also, precise bullet placement is easy to achieve thanks to ¼ MOA center crosshairs that do not obstruct the target. The thinness of the center reticle and heavy ‘lead-in’ duplexes make illumination unnecessary because any animal that can be identified in low light is easily targeted with this reticle.

The longest holdover lines are in 100-yard increments starting at 300 yards just below the center of the main crosshair and marked as such all the way to 800 yards with smaller 50-yard increments in between. The length of all numbered holdover lines is calibrated to equal a 10 mph crosswind with 5 mph marks in the middle of each line. Together, these features enable precise aiming and accurate holdover once the distance to the target and wind speed have been established.

“As lifelong hunters, the McWhorter Rifles team has searched far and wide for high-quality optics with reticle options that would afford the serious long-range hunter a scope that would be both a precision long-range shooting scope and a super-low-light, shot-capable scope,” said Allan Rovig, co-owner of McWhorter Custom Rifles. “With the reticle we have designed, and the technology and quality that Meopta brings to the table, we believe these riflescopes are the absolute brightest and most deadly-precise available, meeting both critical needs of today’s serious long-range hunters.”


MeoStar 4-16×44 with McWhorter HV Reticle $1,264.99
MeoStar 3-12×56 with McWhorter MV Reticle $1,263.85
MeoPro 6-18×50 with McWhorter MVII Reticle $ 919.99

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