SIG SAUER now offers its subcompact P290RS in .380ACP.

With its resurgence in popularity as a defensive cartridge, the .380ACP makes a solid choice for those with reduced arm strength or those who prefer the milder recoil of the smaller cartridge.

With last year’s introduction of the P250 in .380ACP, SIG SAUER found that many people enjoyed the softer shooting, easy cycling variant.

Several versions of the P290RS .380 will be available in either durable Nitron finish or as a two-tone with a natural stainless slide. Additional variants will come with enhanced grip panels in G-10 or a pink frame variant for those so inclined. Interchangeable grip panels allow users to customize their P290RS .380 to their fit or personal style.

P290RS Pink on Black
P290RS Pink-on-Black

Designed as a pocket or backup pistol, the P290RS .380 features a double-action only trigger for reliability and safety. In addition, the P290RS .380 uses an automatic firing pin safety block, hammer safety intercept notch, and a trigger bar disconnect. Its restrike capable trigger allows the user to pull the trigger on a bad primer without the need to cycle the slide manually.

Additionally, slide assemblies from the .380 variant can be fitted to existing 9mm frames, offering users the flexibility to shoot either caliber.

The P290RS .380 offers superior ergonomics, flawless reliability, and deep concealment, all contained in a sleek package measuring just one inch in width.

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Images courtesy SIG SAUER

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