The Safariland Group announced today the return of Hiatt branded handcuffs by popular demand to the USA market for sale.  This legendary brand from England has spanned more than 230 years from its initial offerings in the 1780s.  A well-respected, quality brand, Hiatt has continuously been sold in England and other parts of Europe since that time. The Hiatt product line offers a selection of metal restraints with important features designed to address the needs of today’s law enforcement personnel.

“Hiatt handcuffs have long set the industry standard for security, strength and reliability,” said Chuck Martin, Category Director for Monadnock. “Assaults on police officers and drug-related violence have steadily grown in recent years, requiring handcuffs that can be applied with speed and confidence to minimize the risk of injury to both the law enforcement officer and the suspect. Hiatt cuffs give officers tools that exceed these requirements.”

Similar to when the restraints were built hundreds of years ago in England, today’s Hiatt handcuffs are designed to meet the needs of law enforcement personnel through a variety of unique features.  All handcuffs include a back-loading capability that facilitates fast application, and can be reapplied without having to release the offender’s hand. Three independent retaining bars with six teeth on each, make the cuffs extremely difficult to pick, while providing increased strength as the shackle engages the additional teeth. Hiatt handcuffs also employ True Swing Technology to help keep the swing arm balanced and centered. The use of a Leaf Spring instead of a coil spring foils the suspect’s effort to overcome the handcuff’s double lock mechanism. These distinctive features of the Hiatt handcuffs ensure they can be applied with speed and confidence to minimize the risk of injury to both the officer and the suspect.

Manufactured using steel or Steloy, the combination of steel and aluminum, Hiatt handcuffs are available in chain, hinge and rigid models. No matter the application or situation, the Hiatt brand offers a restraint solution to meet the demands of criminal justice professionals worldwide. The Hiatt handcuff product line is currently available for sale for the MSRPs listed below.

Description                                        Nickel         MSRP           Black          MSRP

Standard Steel Chain Handcuffs           2010-H           30.00          2015-H          32.00
Oversized Steel Chain Handcuffs         2003-H           35.00          2005-H          40.00
Lightweight Steloy Chain Handcuffs     3103-H           50.00          3105-H          55.00
Standard Hinge Handcuffs                   2050-H           46.00          2075-H          55.00
Oversized Hinge Handcuffs                 2054-H           49.00          2055-H          55.00
Oversized Steloy Hinge Handcuffs       3154-H           65.00          3155-H          70.00
Ultimate Hinge Handcuffs                   UL1-H            65.00          UL5-H          65.00
Rigid Handcuffs                                 2103-H           56.00          2105-H          56.00

Image courtesy Hiatt

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