The KleenBore brand announces the latest addition to its comprehensive line of cleaning kits with the all-new KLEENPAK Grab n’ Go Cleaning Kit.  This compact new kit features a cable pull-through system that gives users the ability to quickly and completely clean their firearms in the field or on the range without the inconvenience of carrying around a bulky kit box of supplies. The KLEENPAK is ideal for law enforcement officers, hunters and recreational shooters alike.

These six new caliber-specific kit configurations are designed to provide all types of shooters with a quick, easy and inexpensive way to clean their firearm on the go. The compact, cable pull-through cleaning kits contain top quality hardware components as well as Break Free CLP products to clean, lubricate and protect the firearm. The attractive price of these kits makes them the perfect product to include in every shooter’s gear bag, backpack or gun case.

According to Eric Schellhorn, Category Director for Firearms Accessories, “This is the smallest, most complete cable cleaning system available in the market today, and at a price that makes it indispensable for both novice and expert shooters. With this handy application, there is no reason to ever be caught without a cleaning kit when you need it the most. This compact kit is sure to become a favorite among hunters, shooters and law enforcement officers.”

Each kit contains a pull through cable, a phosphor bronze brush and a cotton bore mop, 2ml of Break Free CLP for cleaning the bore, a utility brush and a CLP cleaning wipe in a re-sealable plastic pouch that can be easily stored in a jacket, range bag, glove box, backpack or just about anywhere. The MSRP for this kit is $8.99.

Image courtesy KleenBore

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