The “Frag” is a brand new model just seeing the light of day on dealers’ shelves around the country from a company that has become the savvy 1911 collectors’ favorite, Guncrafter Industries. This truly unique representation of John Browning’s creation is making some real noise in custom gun circles just like the Inspiration (MK2 Pineapple Grenade) for the checkering pattern that gives it the name “Frag”…

Guncrafter Industries was born from a lifelong dream of one man, Alex Zimmermann. Alex left his home in Denmark over twenty years ago to pursue freedom driven by his passion for quality firearms. That same passion drove him to seven National Championships in a row competing with a handgun. Now that passion has come full circle and Alex’s company, Guncrafter Industries makes one of the finest custom pistols available today.

Guncrafters is best known for their ground breaking work on the 50GI 1911 and 50GI Conversions to fit Glock pistols. They also make a compelling line of 1911s in calibers including .45acp, 9mm, 10mm, and even .38 Super. The current lineup includes the “Frag”; the “American”; the “No Name”; the “CCO”, Guncrafters take on the wonderful carry combination of 4.25″ (Commander) slide over a Compact frame; and of course the Models One through Four in the potent 50GI. All of these pistols are built one at a time to Zimmerman’s precise standards by a small band of artisans deep in the woods of Northwest Arkansas.

The “Frag” is available in both 5″ Government, and 4.25″ Commander sized configurations in most of the calibers listed outside of the 50GI. The “Frag’s” front strap is complimented by the matching grips with the same profile. It’s available in several finishes giving you both a durable and functional package that you can use every day and still hand down to the next generation of enthusiasts in your family.

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Image courtesy Guncrafter Industries

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