Mississippi state Representative John Moore has introduced two Knife Rights bills, both aimed at passing Knife Law Preemption and removing from the list of weapons prohibited from being carried concealed specific knife types, namely “bowie knife, dirk knife, butcher knife, switchblade knife.” Mississippi is unique in allowing two bills from the same sponsor covering the same legislation. While each is worded differently, both HB 686 and  HB 897 accomplish the same goals. This is the SEVENTH Knife Rights backed legislation introduced in 2014!

If you live, work or travel in Mississippi, please contact your state Representative and ask them to please support HB 686 and HB 897. You can find a list of Mississippi state Representatives here: http://www.legislature.ms.gov/ or look up your Representative here: http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/

Whether writing or calling, all that is necessary is to simply ask them to vote in favor of HB 686 and HB 897. Keep it short and to the point.

Knife Law Preemption is Knife Rights’ signature legislative initiative and is the essential foundation for improving knife laws and protecting knife owners. Beginning with the nation’s first Knife Law Preemption bill passed in 2010 in Arizona, Knife Rights has passed Knife Law Preemption in seven states to date. Knife Law Preemption prevents a patchwork of local ordinances which can entrap honest citizens traveling within or through a state. This is the SIXTH Knife Rights’ Knife Law Preemption bill filed so far this year.

HB1883, an identical companion bill to Senator Mike Bell’s previously filed SB1771 (formerly SB1438), has been filed by Rep. Vance Dennis in the Tennessee House. SB1771 and HB1883 would repeal the antiquated ban on switchblade (automatic) knives and possession of knives over four inches in length “with intent to go armed,” a vague law subject to abuse.

If you live, work or travel in Tennessee, please contact your Representative and ask them to support  HB1883, and if you haven’t yet contacted your Senator asking support for SB1771, please do so TODAY! You can find your Tennessee state legislators here: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/legislators/

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