Redding Reloading Equipment will offer a first of its kind Law Enforcement Tactical Rifle Reloading & Ballistic Clinic at the Rockland County Police Academy Firearms Training Facility, May 6, 2014. This is designed to be a hands-on program highlighting the techniques and equipment used to duplicate service ammunition using fired brass generated by the agency during training.

The high cost and recently limited availability of ammunition , has in many cases, limited the ability of agencies to train to a desired level of proficiency. The process of reloading ammunition for training purposes is not new to law enforcement and was a common practice for many years. While reloading of old primarily focused on handgun ammunition, the current availability of bullets and powders, allows an agency to virtually duplicate their Tactical Rifle ammunition in calibers like 308 Winchester at approximately half of the cost of contracted ammunition.

The process of reloading Tactical Rifle training ammunition can have a significant and positive impact on increasing training frequency without increasing agency ammunition costs. Additionally, it provides agencies with rounds ballistically equivalent to those, normally used in tactical situations, providing increased quality training and skill development, not only a cost savings.

This program will introduce attendees to the easily mastered techniques and equipment required to duplicate ballistically equivalent training rounds. It will provide an instructional overview of the procedures and equipment necessary to produce high quality, ballistically equivalent training ammunition, with performance identical to issue factory ammunition.

Finally, each department will be asked to fire a minimum of 5 rounds of their factory issue ammunition. These rounds will be chronographed and a target or targets saved, by the shooter, to record accuracy. Then the shooter will reload the just fired brass and shoot his reloaded ammunition, as above, for comparison. Departments are encouraged to bring one or more rifles and issue ammunition for the evaluation portion of the program.

This free pilot program is limited to 20 attendees due to classroom size. Register early.

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