ProGrade Ammunition is proud to announce that it has named Owen J. Brown & Associates the company’s 2013 Sales Group of the year.  In addition, the company has also awarded Brian Murry of Owen J. Brown & Associates the title of 2013 Salesman of the Year.  Both awards were presented at the recent SHOT Show, in Las Vegas, NV.

“Last year was a banner year for ProGrade, and we are honored to reward top performers within our sales force who helped make that possible,” said George Klaybourne, Vice President of ProGrade Ammunition. “The awards are a tribute to the hard work of both Brian Murry and Owen J. Brown & Associates in reaching key retailers and distributors with new ProGrade Ammunition.”

ProGrade takes into account a number of factors when selecting appropriate cartridges for its ten grades of product.  Having simplified the process of buying ammunition by hand selecting “cream of the crop” cartridges based on usage categories, ProGrade has taken out all of the guesswork, giving the shooter peace of mind.  ProGrade specialists establish strict needs and guidelines for each grade of ammunition and then for each, hundreds of rounds are test-fired and analyzed with only a select number of cartridges ultimately included in each grade.

With more than 250 variations in the complete line of pistol and rifle ammunition, ProGrade has created ten grades of product – Defense Grade, Hog Grade, Varmint Grade, Cowboy Grade, Hunter Grade, Bear Grade, Range Grade, Match Grade, Safari Grade and Tactical Grade – for shooters of every caliber.  The key to their full line of premium quality ammunition lies in part to the practice of their hand-loading process, which takes place here in the United States.  In addition, ProGrade implements the tightest tolerances in the industry.  Safety. Accuracy.  Reliability.  Quality. Together these hallmarks of ProGrade Ammunition ensure shot-to-shot consistency and guarantees unmatched and superior performance.

Image courtesy ProGrade Ammunition

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