A record-setting 67,000 people from over 100 countries braved wicked travel conditions to attend the recent 36th Annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) in Las Vegas, February 14-17 – an increase of more than 5,000 over 2013’s attendance.

The attraction? The world’s single, largest display of shooting, hunting and outdoor products from over 1,600 exhibitors covering 13 acres.

True innovation always draws a crowd at SHOT Show, and Tenzing Outdoors – makers of the most technological, high performance hunting packs available – enjoyed one of the busiest booths on the floor at this year’s event, thanks in large part to the new Tenzing TZ TP14 Turkey Pack, the new Tenzing TC SP14 Shooter Pack, and the new Tenzing CF Legend.

An army of Tenzing’s knowledgeable marketing and product engineering staffers worked tirelessly over four days, demonstrating these and other high-tech Tenzing packs to hundreds of buyers, retailers and high-profile members of the outdoor media, including representatives from Field & Stream, North American Hunter, the National Wild Turkey Federation and many more.

Tenzing is a company made up of hunters who listen to other hunters; a fact evidenced by Ben Royce and his unique position with the company as Pro Staff and Marketing Coordinator. “Tenzing’s in-house design and engineering resources are second-to-none, but we couldn’t deliver the caliber of products we are known for without the experience, expertise and feedback of our field and pro staff,” says Royce, who packed Tenzing’s SHOT Show booth with centuries of combined hunting experience from the likes of Cameron Hanes, Chris and Casey Keefer, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, Jana Waller, Jim Kinsey, Dave Watson, Willi Schmidt, Alex Rutledge and many more.  “Our pro staffers love what our products help them accomplish in the field,” continues Royce. “Tenzing packs help them go further, hunt longer and carry incredible loads with the highest level of comfort, so they are proud to tell others about their features, engineering and capabilities.”

“America’s Favorite Hunting Couple”, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, were instrumental in the concept development and testing of Tenzing’s TC SP14 Shooter Pack – the only hunting pack on the market designed to carry a crossbow, and the only pack capable of serving as an integral shooting rest without the need to remove the firearm from the pack. Grand View Outdoors takes a look at the TC SP14.

The TC SP14 Shooter Pack wasn’t the only Tenzing product drawing crowds at the 2014 SHOT Show.  The company’s new TZ TP14 Turkey Pack was donned, demoed and subsequently coveted by hundreds over the show’s four-day duration. The TZ TP14 Turkey Pack takes a carefully designed and constructed, full-featured turkey vest and gives it Tenzing’s brand-defining, pack-like comfort and utility coupled with quick-deploying, spring-loaded legs that allow turkey hunters to set up anywhere. See Tenzing designer Jay Robert’s overview of the TP14 as covered by North American Hunter and another great video from Realtree.

Tenzing’s new TZ CF Legend commanded enthusiastic responses – if not full-blown lust – from the SHOT Show’s backcountry hunting community. Building on the popularity and practicality of the best-selling Tenzing TZ2220 daypack, the CF Legend marries a stand-alone TZ 2220 to a proprietary carbon fiber frame pack suspension to create the ultimate hunting pack that can be worn in three separate configurations: daypack only for short forays from camp; frame pack suspension only for sheer load-carrying capability; or as a complete unit for maximum utility. Watch a quick video about the TZ CF Legend at bowhunting.com.

Tenzing believes that you should wear out before your hunting pack does. It’s what drives them to deliver innovative and highly practical designs that help hunters go further, not hold them back.  They don’t stop, so you won’t have to either. Think what you saw from Tenzing at the 2014 SHOT Show was impressive? Well, just wait and see what comes next.

Image courtesy Tenzing

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