Patrick Kelley, a world class competitive shooter, analyst and commentator for 3 Gun Nation recently orchestrated an auction on Facebook.

Purely to benefit others by his position as public figure and highly respected member of the shooting industry, Kelley’s auction raised $4010 for the MGM Junior 3 Gun Camp.

The MGM Junior 3 Gun Camp provides a unique opportunity for a select group of 30 kids from all over the country. MGM Junior 3 Gun Camp applicants must have successfully completed at least (4) 3Gun matches prior to May 1st deadline.

Prospective campers must complete an application including a one-page essay. First time applicants are asked to tell us about themselves, their shooting experiences and how the 2nd amendment applies to them, their family and their sport. Returning campers must complete 40 hours of “pay it forward” time and their essay will be about, ‘What effect did your service have on the person you helped and how did this experience impact you?’

Shooters must also know range commands and be comfortable shooting on the clock and under the instruction of an RO. This will allow the instructors to focus on teaching intermediate and advanced skills and not basic range safety.

Kelley commented, “Each of the companies I contacted was happy to participate and many were downright enthusiastic when I told them I would auction off their products to benefit the MGM Junior camp.”

Special thanks to Patrick Kelley and the following sponsors for their generosity and acknowledgment of the need to perpetuate the shooting sports: Grams Engineering, Taran Tactical Innovations, Taylor Freelance, AP Customs, XRail, Nordic Components, Leupold Optics, Larue Tactical, Taccom, Warne Scope Mounts, JP Enterprises, Lancer Systems, Bennie Cooley, Rainier Arms, and Safariland.

Image courtesy MGM Targets

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