With the 2014 competition season about to kick off with the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championships in February, Julie Golob gives advice on ways to improve your defensive pistol competition skills.

One of the fastest growing shooting sports, IDPA features dynamic scenarios with a defensive flair. A handgun sport that stresses both speed and accuracy it can be a challenge for competitors to know how to balance these and other skills. In this episode of JulieG Radio Julie lists five tips that will help you improve your IDPA scores.

In the first tip, Julie addresses the importance of familiarizing yourself with IDPA rules. She then goes on to explain how inspecting your gear can help you identify missing parts or breakages in the second tip. Examining how you move, set up into positions and how you approach cover are all covered in the next tip followed by practicing different shot sequences, target engagements and the number of rounds on targets in tip number four. The fifth tip involves being able to locate the down zero zone of the IDPA target quickly, especially for difficult targets and challenging lighting conditions.

In action shooting sports like IDPA, having a successful match goes beyond just seeing the sights on the target and how you squeeze the trigger. Julie’s simple tips encourage you to be prepared through knowledge of the sport’s rules, evaluation of your firearm and equipment and effective training sessions so you can reach your competition goals.

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Images courtesy Julie Golob

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