More than 40 years ago, the shooting of four California Highway Patrolmen in Newhall, Calif. dramatically altered the landscape of police training, tactics and equipment. Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis delves into the lessons learned from the incident and questions why many have not been integrated into today’s American law enforcement training.

Authored by Mike Wood, the son of a 30-year California Highway Patrol officer, Newhall Shooting is the most comprehensively researched and documented account of the incident to date. This in-depth study of the 1970 Newhall shooting that left four officers dead offers detailed analysis of the tactics and procedures used by both officers and criminals in the fight, along with diagrams, never-before-seen images of the crime scene and evidence that has never been previously released or discussed.

Wood’s thoroughly researched account will open readers’ eyes to the shooting that stunned the entire American law enforcement community and encouraged vital reforms in training, tactics and equipment. Newhall Shooting includes an examination of CHP training prior to the gunfight, and how a deficient training program can lead to unrecoverable errors in a violent encounter. Armed citizens and law enforcement officers alike will learn valuable lessons about how physiological changes affect gunfight performance. Additionally, Wood challenges the notion that these lessons and vital changes have been fully incorporated into American law enforcement training and shares his perspective on ways to improve modern self-defense training.

Dive into the fascinating history of the Newhall shooting by picking up Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis today. The book is available at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in most major bookstores.

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