This week on AR-15 Podcast, J.W. Ramp of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania  joins Reed Snyder to try his hand at co-hosting for the show. He gives a short bio about himself, his firearms background, and preferences to get acquainted with the listeners. J.W. also kicks off his inaugural show by providing his tip of the week.

Reed and J.W. jump right into discussion of the major components of any AR build while keeping it straightforward for first time builders. The guys discuss purchase strategies for builders on a budget, and how to avoid unnecessarily spending money on components that you may not need. Among the many hard earned build subjects discussed, the guys specifically highlight lower receiver manufacturing; does it make a difference? Barrels; coated or uncoated. Bolts and carriers; skimp now or pay later? They address the potential hazards of skimping on the moving parts and the long term effect on your pocketbook.

Reed puts J.W. in the hot seat with a question on his trigger preferences between Geissele  and Timney. J.W. returns some friendly fire with Reed posing the question; Is multicam the new OD? Other topics for the discussion build include lower parts kits, problems with the modular nature of the AR platform and polymer vs. wood/steel furniture. In the interest of thoroughness, the discussion also includes the multitude of accessories available for the AR once it’s built.

The Otis RipCord giveaway winner is a longtime listener so tune in and hear the results and also potentially hear your emails read on listener feedback.  Anyone can listen to this episode at

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