The new-for-2014 Archer Xtreme Rogue has redefined quality by raising the bar to levels unheard of in the archery industry. Archer Xtreme already held the title of the lightest and toughest archery accessories in the industry. Instead of kicking back and resting on its success, AXT is set to rock the archery world once again by kicking it up a notch with the new Archer Xtreme Rogue.

With a mission to redefine accuracy and performance, Archer Xtreme constructed the AXT Rogue using the highest quality materials available.  In fact, the AXT Rogue is constructed to handle the rigors and demands of the most hardcore and Xtreme hunters in the archery world. It’s built fully machined from solid 6061T6 aluminum for the ultimate in strength without sacrificing precious ounces of weight that would hinder a hardcore, backcountry Xtreme bowhunter.

The AXT Rogue features full 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment capabilities for enhanced accuracy whether you are shooting from a flat surface at an indoor competition or an extreme elevated shot from treestand or uneven rock outcrop on a mountainside. The AXT Rogue comes standard with five .019-inch fiber optic sight pins featuring AXT’s Center Core Technology. This encapsulates the pins to protect the fragile fibers from the airport baggage handlers or while busting through backcountry brush.

Archer Xtreme includes a Micro LED sight for increased visibility at dusk and dawn or anytime you are shooting in the shadows of a heavy canopy of trees. The red two-inch HD Sight Ring ensures a torque-free sight alignment to the peep sight for increased accuracy, while the elongated mounting bracket gives the archer the option of a compact adjustment for increased range out to a long, accuracy inducing adjustment. This gives the archer the ability to match his or her shooting ability or scenario.

The AXT Rogue is offered in anodized Blackout with red accents and is convertible for right- or left-handed archers.

For more information on the new Archer Xtreme Rogue or Archer Xtreme’s full selection of high-performance sights, quivers, stabilizers and archery accessories, please contact: Archer Xtreme at P.O. Box 328 Belgrade, MT 59714. · Telephone: (406) 924-6113 or visit

Image courtesy Archer Xtreme

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