Bowhunters rejoiced during the fall season thanks to the ultra comfortable and roomy Gut Hook hunting pack from Timber Hawk. The Gut Hook served big-game hunters heading out to their deer stands in the back 40 as well as it did elk hunters in the mountains. However, just because elk and deer seasons have closed – or for the forward thinkers no yet opened – does not mean the Timber Hawk Gut Hook isn’t ready for action. We are talking turkeys; those keen eyed, wily ‘ol Toms that make fools of us each spring.

The Timber Hawk Gut Hook holds up to 925 cubic inches of gear inside the hip-riding pack and as such has been donned the biggest in its class for Timber Hawk. This incredible capacity can add up to a lot of gear and stress on the lower back. Timber Hawk’s designers recognized this fact and incorporated meaty shoulder straps to spread the load and evenly distribute the weight.

The heart of the Timber Hawk Gut Hook is a roomy main compartment with three interior accessory pockets to organize your slate, box and mouth calls as well as any other accessories you may choose for spring turkey. Lined with ultra quiet twill, the Gut Hook won’t betray you when moving into position to ambush a gobbler or coming up for the shot.

Having enough room for a small hunting party in your pack and carrying that much for turkey are two different things. The Timber Hawk Gut Hook has left- and right-side compression straps to secure your gear when you are on the move and travelling light. However, when you need the space as the day warms or to pack a few decoys, the Gut Hook is ready and capable.

The Timber Hawk Gut Hook’s belt features two easy access pockets on the left and one on the right. The extra space on the right side of the belt is ideal for a bear spray in the elk woods or to attach a quiver. In the turkey woods, it is also an ideal location to lash on your favorite box call for quick access when on the run.

While great for gun hunters, the Timber Hawk Gut Hook excels for those unafraid of the stick and string. The pack’s front pocket securely holds the bottom cam of your bow while protecting it from sharp rocks or brush. Its yoke harness system has a specially designed attachment to secure the top of the bow at an angle that will not interfere with head movement when hiking to and from the blind.

For more information on the Timber Hawk Gut Hook or one of Timber Hawk’s other innovative hunting packs contact Timber Hawk at 1919 Vineburn Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif. 90032 · Telephone: (801) 597-0087 · Or go to

Image courtesy Timber Hawk

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